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Black Den Toner

Pure toner (BlackDen) toner & cartridge we the only authorized
distributor/company in Bangladesh since…An ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFIED
COMPANY, Pure Toners and Developers Pvt Ltd has five manufacturing lines
based at two locations near Vadodara, Gujarat (western part of India).Pure
Toners and Developers Pvt Ltd develops and manufactures world class OEM
compatible toners. The company supplies toners for photocopiers and
printers to customers based in Middle East (UAE), West Asia, South East
Asia, South Asia and Africa. Besides the Indian subcontinent.

SOLNCE Toner & cartridge

We are the only authorized distributor/ company in Bangladesh since……,
SOLNCE is a China company; from Zhuhai Solnce Technology Company Limited .
all products are manufactured strictly under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and come 
with REACH, RoHS, CE, STMC, Based on all these standards leads to consistent quali
ty & environmental friendly products. We highly respect intellectual property,
and supply quality product

Paddy De - Husking Rubber Rolls

Ultimate In Quality. “Field Marshal” is an ultimate quality rubber roll for Super Fine Variety of rice such as Basmati, Sarbati, Sugandha etc. Due to specially designed rubber Compound this..

Paddy De - Husking Rubber Rolls

Commercial Grade. The offered rollers are designed for installation in various milling machines for performing smooth and easy operations. These rollers are Commercial & Grade performing smoothly.

Paddy De - Husking Rubber Rolls

Supreme Quality Rice Mill Rubber Rolls. Using Pegasus rubber rolls helps reduce your rice mill operating cost in many ways. High quality of rubber gives longer running life of our rolls compared to other brands. This means more number of bags or more tonnes of paddy husking per each pair of rolls.

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Bangladeshi Fisheries

Abundant Marine Resources, Thriving Fisheries Industry: Bangladesh offers diverse and high-quality seafood products, renowned for premium shrimp, fish, and aquatic delicacies.

Bangladeshi Handicrafts

Exquisite Artistry, Bangladeshi Handicrafts: Discover the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Bangladesh through a captivating range of traditional and intricate handmade creations.

Bangladeshi Garment Products

Fashion Excellence, Bangladeshi Garments: Unleash your style with exceptional quality and trendy designs from Bangladesh’s from Bangladesh’s renowned garment industry.

Garments Jute

Eco-Fashion Innovation: Explore the fusion of garments and jute, as Bangladesh showcases its sustainable and stylish approach through a range of innovative and eco-friendly textile products.

articles made of jute

Unleashing Jute’s Versatility: Experience the allure of articles crafted from jute, as Bangladesh showcases its eco-friendly and versatile nature through an array of stylish and sustainable jute-based products.


Golden Fibre, Sustainable Solutions: Embrace the eco-friendly allure of jute, as Bangladesh takes pride in its rich heritage and offers a diverse range of stylish and sustainable jute-based products.

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Black Den Toner & Cartridge

Paddy de husking Rubber Rolles

Solance Toner & Cartridge